Monday, September 30, 2013

Wonderful Sunday Sentimental Ride

Wonderful Sunday Sentimental Ride Dear EZ Riders, I muz admit, this is the best ride I have had since I came back to cycling 2 years ago. We had everything picture perfect for a blissful ride. Again the turnout & support was overwhelming, we have people coming from afar Pang Teow Yeong and Puchong Kali's Henry Tang, sifu Woon LF. The sight of Dewa Tan Boon Foo, Tuan Affendi Goh, Tan Sri Yk Leong, Chairman Mondrianmann Master and Tuan Zol Muhamad, not forgetting a rare appearance by our Capt Rafiq. In da Houz was our experience BJCC Chip Mantis Razali Osman with his timely briefing on Riding Etiquette & Safety Talk at Lagong. Well supported by VP Pojie Mohd Fauzi Baharuddin, Ayie and Khai. Ride Marshall's Raymond Liew, Mark Ferris and Jack Chong whom assisted in driving the peloton. Strong ladies in Winnie Thor, Huey Yin, Mei Lin and of coz my wifey Michelle. Crazy experience Mountain Bikers turn road cyclist in Shang Leong & Jef S....ahahah. To the guys filming us today working tirelessly and quietly, Doc Sanjeev and Aussie John....your contribution will be amazing when the video is out...wakakaka. To those names I have not mentioned (like Jonathan Han, I do see you every week..& the rest of D' cycling kakis....panjang sangat I nak tulis...hehehe), thank you for making today a beautiful one for me to say the least....coming together near or far just for a weekend ride and enjoying ourself week in week out with the EZ Riders. Before I go on and on, it's the 'Beer talk' talking thanks to Charles Hedwig...and getting sentimental......I would wish another day like this in time to come. 'you all make RIDING such a lovely experience' Ride safe, ride easy.....until next time...., cheers, AL. P/s....I think u all are in the wrong group, wooits again u guys drop the ride director a.k.a I'll see you next week kat BJCC Big Boys Ride on Saturday.....wakaka, you guys are ready to join them....ahaaha. "Same same Ride same same outcome, different beer buddies aje"..hehehe. Michelle Andrew Lim