Friday, April 24, 2009


Welcome to the BJ Cyclist group. We are a group of very enthusiastic cyclist that travels along the Guthrie Corridor every Saturday. We T-off from Mydin in Bukit Jelutong at 7.30am. Everyone who has an interest in cycling and a smile as big as Zaba is most welcomed to cycle together in our group


  1. I would like to take this honor to congratulate our president on achievement of this yet another great milestone.
    I wish all the best to the group in achieving greater heights.
    I pledge to contribute my level best to assist whenever possible.

  2. El Presidente!...... you have taken us to the next level. Congratulations to BJ cycling group and may we bloom into a very comprehensive social group. We'll all do our best to support and contribute further...

    p/s sebab itu la semua president nama Mahmud Abbas.

  3. Dear Sharif....It's good that you are willing to volunteer. We are missing you on our Saturday rides but I was told that you are doing a lot of secret training. Do come along on our Saturday rides. We miss you.

  4. 42 Year old from golf with Sharif regularly on weekend until he started cycling. I have a polygon hybrid bought at the same time Sharif bought his Giant at the same shop.Really want to join you all but afraid I may not have the same stamina with like all of you regular. Any advice for beginner like me to join...AJ a.k.a Gondai

  5. Dear AJ...we have many categories of cyclists in the group. Some slow and some very fast. But we all cycle together. We have broken the group into Medal A, B and C, the slowest being C. Of course your President is in C. Recently, we upgraded our Medal A riders to Fanatics category, similar to Al Maunah. This group cycles on Sundays as well and will go as far as Kuala Selangor, Port Dickson etc. Along the way, they have accidents, gat body cramps until only the head can move and puncture their tyres. If you ask them, they will pay to do it again in the name of cycling. They also love smelling their own sweat.
    As a beginner, you can join us in the C medal. Also, they are plenty of girls in this group.

    The President