Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 1 By Nazli Abdullah

I saw Zaba at the early stage, then I lose sight of him. He could be way up front, or at the back. But one would expect a super-fit cyclist like Zaba on a Pinarello Prince to be way up at the front. If he's at the back, then the prince must be slowing down checking out something at the back..Mr president, I think u should know people like myself, affendi, zaba, sham and rest of the guys do not just go for this hundred km of cycling marathon because 'cycling is fun'.. He he. There's a hook.. There's plenty of hook !. Yoga instructor, swimming instructor, aerobic teacher, cikgu tadika, catwalk model, fitness babes, happy lady, lonely lady, gadis kampung, anak mami, marketing exec, secretary, sexytary, ballet dancers, keroncong queen, beauty queen, actresses, singers, californian, ukranian, russian, thai, pinoy, jawa, blonde, brunnete, .... u name it. Semua ada.... But something must be wrong with me. in the early stage i ride behind a very fine young thing with a perfect tan .. And I still remember her name is.... Argon18. I subconciously paid more attention to the bike! Something is wrong.. Banyak sangat kayuh basikal ni.There are few 'very nice' Cervelo as well (I'm not referring to Afendi).

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