Friday, May 15, 2009

Port Dickson by Sham Wahab

Fendi has pretty well summed up our ride to PD. Couldn't have said any better.

I would now just put in some of my own reflections.... People say, the 2 most joyous moments that a boat/yacht owner will tell you is, the day he bought the boat and the other being the day he finally sells it.The experiences in between that, seems insignificant.I will now lay similar claims for the cyclists. The joy is 1) in the anticipation of the ride and 2) is when he finally completes the ride. Whatever happens in between......he'll be hard pressed to tell you.

How we were laughing and smiling when we realised how easy it was to get to PD and in no time. Much of the fear was with Bkt Pelandok. If by car, it would seem pretty menacing but the truth is our Puncak Alam is far more challenging. Just like it's name sake, the Pelandok was easy game...and we were all out hunting it! The elated feeling drove us to even pick and choose our seaside shots, one for the album. Most of us then went for KFC after that much missed opportunity on our last Banting trip. You would have found all of us then sprawled on the sidewalk in front of that KFC, some even lying down with contentment. That was the nice part when when we hunted the Pelandok. The part where we had to fight Dragons on their backs....Ah! that would be a different story altogether when the hunter turned dragonslayer.

This happened at LBJ, nice to map it out on the google when all you see are just green. We should have been more weary of what lies beneath all those shades. Bit of history, LBJ stands for Lyndon B Johnson, America's President after Kennedy. Probably the only one who would have ventured to any of our kampongs. So after 40 yearsI found the answer. He must have guessed at least cursing cyclists like us will remember this place. That must have prompted him to agree to put his name the middle of nowhere. So on and on we rolled, up and down, up and down! After about 5 or 6 of these, it gets the better of you and you just have to stop fighting. It came to a point where I just couldn't feel my legs anymore. Well, you see your peddles moving, you search for your legs and you still see it, but you just can't feel it.......the bike's now on auto!

So the teaser " bro, you may have the bike, but have you got the legs?" just then popped into your head. Azmi was my hero of a dragonslayer. From some distance behind I watch him slaying it one after another with no let up. Keeping up with him gave me the strength to see every hill through. Of course with my buddy in armour beside me, Fendi, we conquered the last of it till we come to the part when we got drenched with rain.Then everything started to weigh like a tonne of bricks which we dragged for the next 20km. Back at the Mamak...there was that far away look on everyone's eyes. Just like some pirate movie when they finally reach ashore after battling the storm and some sea monsters.

Will I do it again?....Just give me that Mother of a Dragon- Broga, and we'll have it for breakfast! With the back up car and some walkie talkies, we will be more than prepared for it. Till then

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